Our Work

We’re tech people with an unusual set of skills.

We’re as comfortable writing code and spinning up servers as we are paticipating in a planning meeting or managing a team of people.

We work with government, corporate and not-for-profit clients.

In our unpaid time we run Meetniq, supporting groups who are trying to make the world a better, fairer place.

If you think there’s something we can do for you, please contact us.

Our Skills

Software engineering  End-to-end, from design to deployment. We work in Python and Elm. We take pride in writing code that is robust and maintainable, because in the 21st century software is infrastructure.

Advising and consulting  We find solutions to big and small tech-related problems. We especially like working on problems in areas where people and tech are in tension.

Bridging the tech/non-tech gap  Getting tech people, business people and people people on the same page. We can do people training for tech people, and tech training for everyone else.

Our Values

Integrity  No one likes bullshit. The world is a better place when we act with honesty and integrity.

Sustainability  Resources are finite, for the earth as a whole, and for every organisation. We favour maintainable, quality tech which will last a long time and can be adapted to changing needs.

Practicality  We avoid hype and buzz. Bleeding-edge tech is exciting and fun, but the best tools for the job are the ones that are robust, battle-tested and can be used by regular people.

Empathy and understanding  We try to listen rather than tell. We focus on bending tech to the needs of the people who will use it, not the other way around.