About Us

We’re tech people who treat tech as a means to an end. We work with it to support people who are trying to make a better world.

We run Meetniq, a free web platform for groups working on progressive causes which we founded in 2014.

We are idealistic, pragmatic, opinionated and opposed to all forms of oppression.

Our interests include human and non-human rights, security, sustainability and fairness.

We’re based in Australia.

About Keira

As a Python developer and former people manager, Keira is great at bridging the tech/non-tech divide. She can explain tech concepts to non-tech people, and help tech people see other perspectives.

Pre-tech, Keira’s work included staff management, community organising, volunteer coordination, policy analysis and political campaigning.

Right now she’s particularly interested in translating privacy and security concepts to lay audiences, and promoting diversity in tech teams.

About Sky

Sky has been a software engineer for the last seven years. He works with Python and Elm, and has a preference for functional programming.

His work background includes stints in design, construction engineering, electoral politics and secure facilities. It’s complicated.

At the moment his areas of special interest are predators, security, and the threats humans pose to future non-human intelligences.